Lifestyle: Ready for Spring and to get myself a life.


Well I’ve been ready for Spring since late January. Waiting for the daffodils to bloom…. and Hello Spring!!! It is my favourite season with all the blossoms blooming, sun shining and the cold to abate.

It has been a along while since I last posted. However, I’m in a huge battle with myself to balance work and having a life. To a point I’m seriously, seriously frustrated at myself for putting everything on hold again and just diving back into work. On top of it all I’ve been so run down which resulted into my first ever tonsillitis. Horrible affliction. It took me two weeks to recover with lots and lots of antibiotics. Furthermore, having time off work to recover and binge watching Charmed. Who remembers Charmed and the power of three?

Whilst recovering, it gave me the chance to reflect and see that I’m back to pushing myself at work and what I really want is to have a life. Here I am writing this, waiting to see my Endometriosis specialist for a follow up at the hospital and all I’m doing is chastising myself “Woman… you need a bloody life!”


Yes I have a wonderful friends and I’m doing my best to do activities out of my comfort zone. But not being healthy from all these viral infection is just such a bummer! (Big sigh) I am determined however to get that life and pursue things I’ve not done before. I’m happy and getting healthier. Getting back to my fitness and shape has been my goal so far and I’ve managed to achieve and get result. Yaaay me!!!

Now that I’ve seen my specialist I can officially say that I’ve been discharged from the hospital and my Endo pain has been eliminated. The surgery was a success. I still get some minor pain but its manageable. So the aim is to live a full existence. I’m happy and content but I want to experience and do something new.



Now the question is what I’m I going to do?

I guess we shall see and in the mean time if you have any recommendation on fun stuffs to do, go see and experience – comment down below.

Outfit Details

 *Grey Blazer

 *Side Split Midi Dress

Ankle Skinny Jeans

Converse Navy & white All Star Oxford Trainers








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