Food: Cutter and Squidge


Let’s get freakshake!!!!

If you don’t know what I mean then darling carry on reading. It’s the mashup of all thing sweet dessert. In a jar and gloriously monstrous. You have cookies, cheesecake and doughnuts as decorative pieces put together for the lovers of everything sweet.

I just got to the west of London and my cousin asked me if I have heard about this larger than life milkshake? My response “Of course, you mean the freakshake?”

Then we hopped on to the bus and went to Soho, London to Cutter and Squidge. I was in an instant awwww. The store is so attractive and aesthetically pleasing with baked goods, pastry and larger than life – a moment on the lip, forever on the hip – kind of cakes!!! But so worth it.


The staff of Cutter and Squidge are wonderful and oh so friendly. Ready to help with a suggestion if you’re unsure off. The menu has an iconic selection and caters to all the sweet and savoury eaters. Cutter & Squidge also serve Afternoon tea. Check out their website for more details. I went for the Caramel Freakshake and it a was so big!! Thus, it was shared between my cousin and I. The texture of different kind of treat was tasteful – as in dunk your biscuit in your tea, kind of thing – The milkshake inc-operated with the cookies, waffles and creams was deeeeeelightful! When I spoke to the staff about what ingredients are used, they were happy to inform me that the products used to create these delicacies are natural WITH NO  artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. Their ethos is evident in their food and I cannot tell you the taste is divine.

The atmosphere within the store was unique and very very pleasant. You can eat in or use the take away service. I look forward to coming back again when I’m back in London with another relative of mine who’s a hardcore sweet treat binge-rrr!






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