Fashion: Cold London weather….Brrrrr


COLD! London verra verra Collldddd! Being a northerner and travelling to London has always been a warmer climate. But last two weekends ago and the last couple of days has been so cold. I’ve never had that before. Manchester was cold but the degree’s was at least more or less between 5-9. It was amazing to be in the midst of our capital city and seeing the fog rolling in through the River Thames and the highest buildings. My outfit from day to day consisted of layers. Lots and lots of layers. Despite the cold it didn’t deter me to have some Krushem from KFC!

Each of these days consisted of similar trend. It was comfortable and convenient to travel light. Also, my main focus for putting my clothing together was to style around the printed plimsoll and the scarf. I went for a big baggy fine knitted jumpers with a pull up basic top to go with it and a comfortable mid/low rise skinny jeans. I absolutely loved the combination as it kept me warm and I felt trendy. The wholly hat was a blessing. It’s from New Look and they only had that one left so I bagged it.

Since it worked very well for me so here I am sharing it with you all. At one point or the other I got so cold I put on my  socks to keep my feet warm and it did camouflage well into my wardrobe. Or did it?? I think staying warm over rode on being more fashionable. Furthermore a great reason to go shopping at Westfield. I’ve never been there before, So the novelty was present and I really wanted to browse around the shops.

I bought a lot of goodies… yes I was in my element along with my cousin. The pair of us along with a full on cold – trotted into Westfield and we did some damage. Boy did we shop! Oops!!!

I’ve linked some of the items and similar ones below. Happy shopping.



New Look Pom Pom Beanie

Animal print scarf

River Island Military Coat – Alternative New Look Military Coat 

H&M Short Polo-Neck and Fine knit Jumper

Newlook India mid rise skinny jeans

River Island print plimsolls 







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