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Well well well. It has been a while since I last posted. What can I say!!! I have been super busy and getting back in track with work and trying to find a balance of having a life. It has been exhausting. To say the least. However, I’ve been looking forward to taking a week off work and travelling to London for my baby cousin’s wedding. Who no longer is a baby!!! It boggles my mind that he’s now a married man!! Congratulations to both the Bride and the Groom on their nuptials and here’s to a future filled with happiness and blessing.

The run up to the wedding was amazing, as it was an evening event. So it gave us ladies a lot of time to get ready. I was ready by the afternoon, but due to unforeseen reason I had a sneezing fest and a full on cold, with a streaming nose!!! NICE!  Just what I wanted. NOT. I still managed to enjoy myself and socialized with the guests and feel good about myself. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVEDDDD my Indian dress. The amount of compliments I received for it was a boost and the makeup to go with it too was a hit. So a little retouch went along the way and a set up make up station to apply for my lovely cousins. I must say the make up I did on them came out goooood. Sorry I cannot share it as my cousin requested that I do not post it on any social media platform.


Lets start with thy make up;


1. I primed my eyes using a Concealer from Seventeen. Then set it with Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana powder.

2. I used Morphebrushes 350 Palette a lighter brown or nude shade as a transition colours for the crease. Then applied the shimmer brown of the palette. Using the a blending brush  diffused any lines and blended both shades to look more fused.

3. I used the Maybelline Lasting Drama 24 hour Black Chrome 07 for a small winged effect.

4. I added false lashes and waited for the adhesive to dry. Then I used the  L’Oréal Volume Million So Couture So Black Mascara.


1. I primed my face using Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, then for foundation I used Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 5.5 and applied it with a beauty blender.

2. I used the Clinique Beyond Perfecting™ Foundation and Concealer to highlight under my eyes then again set it with Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana powder.

3. For Contour I used the Gwen Stefani Blush palette in the shade LO-FI to contour out my cheek bones. then for blush I used OC

4. For Highlight I used my trusty Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop on the tip of my nose and cupids bow.


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow Powder Ebony and then the Benefits Gimme brow gel to set them into place.


1. I put on my favourite Red lipstick by L’oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick Scarlett Creme 461 (Read: The Winter Lipstick Edit on all my favourite reds!!)

Voila!! make up done. For a little extra umph I added Superdrug Lashes Intense Volume Edition 30. These are my favourite lashes at the moment and so so comfortable. The glue with it is too good.


My Outfit

For my outfit I wanted something that was simple and elegant. I looked at different Indian websites but it wasn’t as appealing as actually shopping for it in person. So, my mother and I both went shopping one Friday evening to Masuma Fashion. We selected a number of Sari’s and I got the dress I absolutely fell in love with. The Gentleman was very helpful and chatty as always. I’ve known the owner for a long time as we went to school with some of his children. Trust me, you get a very good quality outfits to suit any occasions. He has a collection of unique taste and rare pieces which I like. The Owner travels to India and selects the clothing, knowing what his audience and customers will appreciate. I was extremely pleased with mine.

The fabric is soft and very comfortable. It molded beautifully onto my body and was a perfect fit. The sleeves came separately and I had it sewn in by a tailor to fit my arms. I kept the sleeves up to my wrist, the fabric is sheer with cuffs around it. Along with the Dress came the skinny trousers we like to call ‘Churidar’ also with detail cuffs and a ‘Duppatta’ aka long scarf. The detail on the bodice had a diamond and intricate sequences staged in a V shape. It was a modest outfit and perfect for an Bengali wedding. I paired it with my Dunes nude/blush heeled sandals.



The venue was Ariana Banqueting Hall in North London Business Park with the seating capacity of 800. I’m unsure how many guests we had as a lot of them were a no show. Being a evening event and school or work the next morning. However, the Venue at first experience was a maze to get to with all that fog and going round the round about. Once we were there, it was beautifully decorated and catered to the specific of their clientele. Men on one side and the ladies on one side. Then once the Groom and Bride joined each other, all the guest then came together. The food was good, very rushed. We were all served Starter, Main and Pudding so close together that we practically inhaled our food. I managed to eat the starter which had Samosas, Kebabs and Chops with salad. It was delicious. For main I only had Pilau rice and Saag Aloo. Lastly, for pudding it was just Kheer which was very appetizing. If served properly I’m sure the food would have gone down very nicely. It was just too hasty and in the midst of socialising with the guest the venue started to clear up and pack away their table and chairs. The staging for the Couple was stunning, it was very Kim and Kanye West-esque decor. However, it was done in great taste and the Groom and the Bride looked amazing together.

Once the wedding was over we all said our goodbyes, I met so many lovely and beautiful people. It was a pleasure and the good, kind and complimentary words said to me were confidence boosting. I was surely networking or being networked!! haha

Hope you enjoy reading the blog and the pictures.

Take care loves.


Mumtaz xx


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