Lifestyle: Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year everyone!!!! Wow!!! What a year 2016 has been. Its great to have a new start to the year and look forward to planning and doing something different and positive. A week into the new year and I feel like a lot has happened in the last few days. I’m back at work full time…. yes crazy! How has the last few months gone so fast???
Hope you’ve all had a great time during the holidays. What did you all get up to?

As I’ve written on the last blog post, I didn’t do much for Christmas, I’ve been implementing a little bit of the Hygge lifestyle. A Danish way to live life in simple pleasure. It was so lovely to be off and have family members at home to just be and celebrate together.

For the New Years I had plans with my friend Amy. Who came back from her break away with her family. We spent the New years eve together, literally wake up and make up was my kinda day! We got dressed and went out for a meal. I’m not one to make resolution each year but set goals that I know I can realistically achieve and make it a lifestyle habit.

This year I really want to break out of my comfort zone and explore new places, food, focus more on my hobbies and have more of a social lifestyle instead of just being a career woman. I want to be at home and spend time with my family. Last year and a half, since my diagnosis with Endometriosis has been a realization to do more things that fill the soul and enjoying myself with adventures. I have managed to do a lot of activities in the mean time and in all honesty this past two years has been the best. Despite all the pain, agony and surgical procedures.


So to begin the year I went out for food at Olive and Thyme for the first time. OMG!!  The food was AMAZING. Its a Mediterranean cafe, bar and restaurant in the midst of Chorlton. its very family friendly, caters to groups of friends or confident diners who like to eat on their own. The place is aesthetically beautiful with lots of light coming through the ceiling to the floor windows, looking out to the out door seated area, all heated. The wood burning stove adds a great deal of ambiance. The staff provided a great service and whilst Amy and I waited for food they served us Lavash bread with garlic butter, complimentary of course. The Menu is magnificent and caters to Gluten free and has a lot of Vegetarian options. They have an assorted selection of beverages and free use of their WiFi.


After out scrumptious meal at the Olive and Thyme, we headed out to Manchester town to Cottonopolis for drinks and to bring in the new year. I’ve been to Cottonopolis once before and I really liked it. So I wanted to take Amy and share the atmosphere. It’s right in Northern Quarter, with a trendy ambiance of a high ceiling, exposed beams and brick works with fireplaces, long tables with thick chains hooked on to it. The staff are spirited and spunky, serving everyone with a smile and having a good banter. Which is so great and creates a wonderful environment to hang out in. The menu is based on Oriental cuisine with a twist of the west along with a great selection off drinks to choose from. Its a splendid place and instead of fine dining its great to just go and have an informal and fun meal.

We counted down to the new year, albeit out of sync with the time again! One day we’ll get the count down to midnight right. Lot of laugh!! Here’s hoping to a great year with lots to do and achieve.

How was your first week in to the New year?

Did you make any resolutions you’d like to keep and accomplish?

I would love to read what you all got up to and what can you recommend that I can do.



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