Lifestyle: Manchester Christmas Market


I went into Manchester town and then the Christmas Market with my friend Amy as we were feeling festive. We browsed around and attempted to do a little Christmas shopping or at least get some ideas on what to get. Amy was looking for a dress to wear for the Christmas party coming up. We looked around the stores but to no avail did she find the dress she wanted. She saw a couple online but wanted to try them on. However, none of the outfits were available in store!! Bummer. After that we strolled into the Market. It was such a lovely day, cold but lovely nonetheless! Luckily enough we went on a Sunday and it wasn’t as chaos as we presumed it would be. During this time of the year it is known to get crowded. However, the pull off the atmosphere is so beckoning, so we put on our warm hat and got into the festive vibe. I don’t drink, but the fragrance of the warm mulled wine, aroma of the sizzling burgers and hot dogs along with mouth watering pancake and sweet treats are just to die for!!! Yum! They even have Veggie option. Woop Woop.

The stalls are beautiful and very attractive with all their delightful trinkets and goodies. The Christmas Market is a popular spot to roam around at your leisure and be a part off the vibrant diverse community.  Its located in 10 different spaces around the city, each with its own distinct characters and its open til 20th Dec 2016. Its free and amazing to go in the evening just to enjoy the Yuletide season.


Albert Square |  St Ann’s Square | New Cathedral Street | The Corn Exchange | King Street | Market Street | Exchange Square | Cathedral Gardens Brazennose Street |Exchange Street |

So go find your local Christmas Market and relax with a coffee, hot chocolate,  Spanish or German beer, or French wine. If your from or in Manchester go with a unique Mancunian flavour and soak up the festive spirit from a true authentic International event.


Outfit Details

River Island Military Coat

Print Scarf

Turtle Neck Dress

Forever 21 Boots



Have you visited your local Christmas Markets?

I wish we had a Christmas Tree maze all lit with fairy lights to go through. This is something I’ve been wanting to see this year.





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