Are You Excited For Christmas?


Now that we’re getting into winter more each day. I mean seriously where has this year gone??? I still can recall last Christmas and new years so vividly. By mid November I’m normally so excited for the festive season as its my favourite time of the year. I love all things Christmassy, the Christmas markets, the joy, parties, the children’s contagious giddiness, colourful paper chains, the nativity, carols and my most favourite song Last Christmas by Wham. I honestly and with great pride teach my little humans the words every year!! And when they sing it back to you or go home and sing it to their parents its just so darn adorable.


However, this November I’m kind of waiting to get excited about the season vibes and we’re already half way through it and yet I’m still waiting. I guess being off work for the last 3 months doesn’t help. As I’m normally on the roll of planning activities for my Little ones, decorating rooms and the sheer build up to Christmas is just magical. I’ve yet to decide if I’m going to our annual Christmas Party.  Everywhere I go its all Christmas or Are you winter ready? Father Christmas has already perched himself up In Manchester and The Trafford Centre!


So here I am tapping my fingers and waiting for the end of the year vibe to hit me. Maybe once its the 1st of December it’ll be more like it until then I shall endeavour to get in the spirit. So for now I’m just enjoying the colder weather, piecing together the winter wardrobe and walking around in the crisp air. Here I’m wearing my River Island Military Coat, Dorothy Perkins Black Midi Dress, M&S Black Tights, Aldo Scarf I got gifted and Charlotte Russe Purple Ankle Boots I got years ago from my trip to Florida. I haven’t worn heels in so long and my calves and hip were definitely were snapping, crackling and popping!!! I feel so old!

Military Coat


Black Midi Dress

Black Tights

Ankle Boots


How are you feeling about the festivities coming up? Any plans yet?

What makes you so happy and excited for the seasons? And what are you looking forward to more?

Mumtaz x


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