A Walk In The Park


I like being outdoors and I don’t mean camping or anything like that. Just going to the lovely National Trust’s with historic places or a regular park with a beautiful gem called The Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden. My brother and I walked within the 10 acre and appreciating the natural elements at its best. But OH MY DAYS!!! The hues of the plants and trees were just stunning. They also have a little water fall running along with people having a quiet time to themselves, taking in the moments and some were drawing up images of leaves. The transition of the season has been one to relish this time of the year. The garden is part wildlife habitat and the other part botanical, also it offers other facilities for recreational purposes.


It is so nice to just go out and enjoy yourself or along with someone. I know, I know, it’s getting cold now and it’s super easy to just stay indoors within the heat. However, it is that time of the year to layer up and wrap your self up or go shopping to purchase the required accessories. It’s good for you and once you’re out you do tend to make the most of it. It’s free and a great work out with a beautiful canvas. I’m not so keen to walk on a treadmill and stare at a blank wall. I love to have a journey to reach a destination. I had such a lovely time, getting fresh air, coming across lovely people and spending it with my brother. It was a little damp out from the rain and cold but didn’t deter us.


I wore my Burgundy coat, skinny jeans, Bobble hat, basic jersey with my River Island Plimsole. The double sided scarf was a gift and so was the Back pack from last year. But once outside, it was too cold so I swapped them for my Forever 21 boots. Yes, I always keep spare shoes in my car just in case I need them. You’ve got to be prepared!!

Bobble Hat

Burgundy Bar Back Split Side Maxi Coat


Jersey Top

Forever 21 Skinny Jeans

Forever 21 Boots




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