Review: Blogging Made Easy


Hello my lovelies,

I’ve recently been gifted a free digital Book “Blogging Made Easy” copy from Hashtag Blogger. It is written for new and established bloggers in mind to help them blog successfully within the community to be exposed to viewers with like minded interests. Bloggers have become more prominent in today’s online society and readers are continuously looking for honest and reliable sources to help them make their decisions before purchasing products. This book guides a blogger to identify themselves and differentiate from others by engaging with their audience they’ve amassed from their own authentic platform.

When I started to read “Blogging Made Easy” I thought I’ll whizz through it. Well, that didn’t happen. The book entails a lot of information, all broken down from starting a blog with web design, engaging viewers, how to use various social networks, collaborating with brands, monetising your blog and what SEO is. A note pad and a pen is beneficial to have to jot down the relevant information.

What I most liked about the book was it included case studies from Bloggers and a Youtube personalities on how they’ve journeyed through their blogging career. Its amazing to see how they’ve achieved and established themselves. The book enlists all the tools to use to help a blogger to become successful. Whether you’re a starter like me or a veteran. Its written with detailed key components to help you promote your presence online. To help you engage with your readers and grow your followers. Whilst reading the book, I’ve noticed that I was already doing some of the tools to establish myself and I’m certain when I do apply more of the suggestions it’ll help me. However, I also want my readers to be organic and trust my post because its genuine. Yes, I write on WordPress and I don’t want to be deterred or anyone who is using like platforms from starting out to be put off because they don’t have a website domain of their own. It’s a working progress and a learning curve for all.

I started blogging because I enjoy writing and thought why not start something and take it from there. I love everyday lifestyles, beauty, food and fashion. Thus, Instagram became a platform for me to share my interests. I couldn’t write to my hearts content but add a small summery of my thoughts or expressions. One day I would like to have my own domain and this book has given me lots of ideas and revenues to pursue them in the future.

Blogging Made Easy is a good book to have and definitely beneficial to beginners and pros to help guide us and teach us the demographic of social marketing. The book is very informative with detailed guides on how to have a flourishing website. Furthermore, it is well written and a must have. You can purchase the Book from Amazon or download it onto your Kindle.


I wrote this review based on my own opinion and would love to know what you all think about it?

Do you agree with the techniques? What would you suggest to help become a good blogger?

What is your favourite social platform to use to help promote your blog?






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