Easy 3 Steps Glitter Cut Crease


How to get this easy glitter cut crease in 3 steps. I know sometimes looking at various cut creases done by the talented Make Up Artists can be intimidating. So I thought I’ll do an achievable look using simple steps to help those wonderful ladies or gents who desire to rock this look. I’ll only do the eyes in descriptive instruction and leave it to you all to do your normal base for the face.

Prep and Prime your eyes to allow the eye shadows to last longer. I applied the NYX Dark Circle Correcter and then a Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer. Set the eye using a Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana Powder.

Step 1

Using a blending brush, we shall build the crease. I used the Morphebrushes 350 Palette and selected a light brown coloured to start with and then a shade darker to intensify it. Tap of any excess from the brush and then with wiper motion apply it to your crease. Build the colour and follow the shape of your eye lid and flick it out with the brush, to create an illusion of a wing. Make sure to blend and both eyes are the same.

Step 2

To cut the crease I used a Concealer with a flat small brush to lay it on the eye lid. Cover the lid by following the shape of your eye ball and as you reach your crease, very carefully cut a line around above the eye lid and follow along to the outer eye and flick out the end in a winged shape. Take your time and make sure the cut is very clean. Then I chose a shimmer shadow for the eyelid to make the crease to stand out.

Step 3

To decorate your eyes, why not add a thin eye liner. Totally optional. I added a winged liner to my eye for the extra the umph!! I used the Tattoo liner by Kat Von D and carefully carved out the lines. Now for the show stopper. To make your crease stand out why not use a glitter liner. I’ve chosen to use the Nyx Crystal Liquid Liner in Gold. Following the crease line I applied the liner very gently. Take your time and make sure its dried. The Glitter will accentuate the cut crease and I’m sure you’ll love the result. Once the glitter has dried apply any mascara or lashes. I went with lashes as I was going for a Diwali/Party look. Then using the brown eye shadow I smudged it on the lower lash line, very lightly. Then applied some mascara on the bottom lashes.








So this completes the steps to the cut crease. Customise the technique and the colours to suit your style. I hope you’ve liked the look and give it a ago yourself. I would love to see how you do yours and any recommendation would be welcome.


Mumtaz x





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