Military Coat Edit


I’ve got this coat, its my favourite colour – bottle green, wool, ankle length, double breasted and military style. It ticks off five elements of everything I’ve been looking for in a Autumn/Winter apparel. Oh the search yet continues… For more different kind off coats!! Yikes!

Whilst browsing around The Trafford Centre with my Cousin, I come across the Light Pink Double breasted Military Coat in River Island. I instantly fell in love with the style of the coat. However, I didn’t purchase it but went home thinking about it so much. Knowing me and what I do best I went onto the River Island website that same day and I looked up the coat to place an order.


What have we here?

Green Double-Breasted Military Coat. GREEN! Bottle Green at that!


I asked one of the sales assistant if they had it in any other colour. She seemed very unsure and responded, ‘We have whats out on the floor.’ I wish sometimes they knew what they are doing. I quickly ordered the Green coat. It was selling fast! As it stated that its on Low stock and the Coat is Limited Edition! Luckily they had my size 10 and I checked out as fast as I could.

I went and collected it as it was ready the next day.


The coat is stunning and everything I wanted it to be. I have worn mine with T-shirt, Jeans and Ballerina Pumps. Also, with a wool dress with black tights and high boots. What I’m loving is that you can dress it up or dress it down with this coat. Although its in my Size, it looks as if its one size up. I’m cherishing the moments when I see myself in it, that I look stylish, elegant and petite. I have noticed a lot of people admiring the coat and have also complimented me with it on. Its ideal to elevate a simple look without making too much effort.

The material of the coat is Wool to the touch with 92% Polyester, 2% Elastane and 6% Viscose. Its a Military style (as if I haven’t mentioned that earlier) Long Sleeve with three gold buttons on each sleeve. Its Double breasted with notch lapels. The details of the Gold buttons are so unique and patterned. It has pockets. I love an outfits with pockets and this coat has a lovely sized ones on each side and features epaulettes along with the gold buttons on either side of the shoulders.

When I wore it outside, it was chilly and I was super happy that it kept me warm. With winter coming soon and the temperatures dropping in Manchester, England where it rains a lot – I’m sure I’ll be good to go. However, it’ll be interesting to see how I withstand being drenched! Nonetheless, The coat is comfortable, stylish, cold resistance and I’m guessing it will be durable. Has far as I’m concerned it better had be!!

Looking after the Coat is simple enough;

  • Don’t wash
  • Don’t Bleach
  • Can be dry cleaned
  • Dry the coat flat
  • Cool Iron




I definitely recommend to anyone, go get it fast! Its priced at Β£110 – pricey, but I think its worth it. They have two colours Light Pink and Green. I looked around River Island for the green but didn’t see it in stores only online, thus far. They do have the Light Pink in the River Island store. I had a great service from them and it was a prompt next day pick up from the store.

I’m still looking at other coats as I love outwear apparels so much. They make such a statement with out making to much effort.

If you have any recommendation on coats and jackets let me know.

What are your favourite kind of Coats you like to wear and how do you style them?

Mumtaz x





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