Freederm From Spot


I came across this beautiful product from my dear friend who’s prone to breakouts. She uses these product on a regular bases. I’ve been super lucky not to break out very often. Only occasionally I’ll come out with a spot or two that really hurts and takes a week to recover from. Thus, I was given Freederm from my friend to try out as the spot I had was painful!

Freederm have a range of products to help you address skin issues and cater to sensitive skins. I’m not saying that its good for all skin type. Everyone is an individual and have different skin problems. I advice you to read and use the products best suited to you. Freederm has been very good for me and I’ve used two of their products so far;


Freederm Fast Track

I started with this product first and wanted to eliminate my painful spot on my higher cheek bone. I applied it first thing in the morning after cleansing my face and will continued to do so throughout the day. There have been time when I’ve forgotten about it but it definitely didn’t deter from doing its job! It does work fast. You just take a dollop of it on to your finger and put it on top of the criminal! Allow it to dry and let it do its magic. You’ll see the the difference as the day or days go on. The formula helps reduce redness and the skin irritation from the spot. It dries up the affected area and reduces the size of the spot until it evens out with your healthy skin. What I love about it is that it stops the irritation, as the spots I get hurts BAD! Thanks to my gorgeous friend for introducing me to Freederm and I don’t have to suffer for long.



Freederm Exfoliating Daily Wash

This is a brilliant exfoliating formula its helps penetrate deep into your pores and thoroughly cleans out the excess oil and grime from our day to day life. After use, it does leave your face feeling tight and dry. That is if you have dry skin, I believe you are left with very dry face. I find moisturising after helps elevate that. I have to apply cream every time I wash my face with any other kinds of product. From reading other consumers reviews on this product, I do wonder if they applied their face cream after or did they just leave it and then decided its not for them? I guess different skin varies. However, I do like the results from using the Freederm Daily Wash as it does invigorate my face. It caters to sensitive skin but I think it depends on each individuals skin on how they respond to a product. When I feel a small bump or a spot is beginning to form I’ll use this face wash then apply a film of the Freederm Fast track to treat the spot from forming in to a nuisance.

Overall, I’m very impressed with Freederm products and will continue to use it and recommend it to anyone. They do have other ranges of product in different stores such as Boots or Superdrugs. The prices for these bad boys are £10 or under. You can check out their Where to buy on this link.

What spot control products do you use and why is it good?

Are you Oily or dry skin?

Which products would you recommend?

Is there any home remedies you use to look after your skin?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Mumtaz xx






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