Gone Missguided!

As you can read by the title, yes I browsed Missguided and got carried away. No regrets whatsoever!

I was looking through Coats and Jackets – as I have an unhealthy appetite for Coats, just love Coats – I come across this beautiful Khaki Long Duster Coat. I instantly fell in love with it and added it to the basket. Then I continued to browse some more… I know trouble! However, I managed to control my itchy fingers and only bought this beauty. And boy am I glad I did. I couldn’t wait for it to be delivered and was impatiently waiting for it.

Waiting for all my Haul deliveries!


Once it was chucked through the door, yes chucked! I did have words with the delivery guy and told him NEVER to do that but to hand it over to the recipient ever so nicely. He wasn’t offended as I approached him with gentle manner with stern vocabularies. He apologised. To continue, I tucked into the packaging and immediately put it on. Instant love. It was creased on arrival but oh well. I showed it of to my mother and she really liked it and wanted one for herself.

I finally had the Long Sleeve Maxi Duster Coat Khaki, the fitting was a perfect size 10, UK standard. The details of the coat was simple with no buttons or ties to hold the lapels together. There are two good size pockets on each side. I intended to wear it for a Beach trip I was going to that weekend so I ironed out all the creases and placed it in my wardrobe.

Comes beach day at Llandudno Beach in Wales. My friends and I waddled along the pier and the shores. I was super excited as it was my first day out of the house after my surgery. So I took my Khaki Coat and put it on when it got really breezy along with my hat.

It kept me warm, the material is light weight and very flattering around the shoulders. The Khaki colour is perfect for summer nights and is an easy transition from Winter to Spring or Summer to Autumn. It was a sublime accessory to wear as I relaxed near the water, taking in the scenery. 

The coat is very versatile and could be worn casually with skinny jeans, leggings with a lovely long top either with flat ballet pumps, converse shoes or other trendy trainers. It can also be worn for a night out with a beautiful dress along with heals. What I love about the coat is that it’s so simple and yet makes a statement. I had lovely compliments from everyone I come across. Which was highly boosting for thy ego.

The Khaki Coat is inexpensive and won’t leave a dent on your bank account. A beautiful investment for long-term. I’ve been looking for an ankle length coat for awhile and couldn’t find anything appealing. Thus, seeing this on Missguided i just had to have it. I’m SO charmed by my purchase. I would like more of these in different colours.

Missguided has always been a reliable brand as I’ve shopped their other collections over the years for special occasions or genuinely for casual outfits. I’m currently enjoying their collaboration with bloggers. So go have a look at their online collection.

Where do you like to buy your Coats?

Do you have a certain colours your looking to have? Or have that you’re currently loving?

Please share your love for Coats with me? I find them to be such a staple piece to have in our everyday wear.

Mumtaz x


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