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The reign of Morphebrushes continues!!!! I finally managed to snag the MOST coveted palette in the beauty community. Oh the self indulgence guilt did set in and I did chastise myself for purchasing more palettes. I don’t need more eye shadow’s! I just would like to own more of them. However, I am a consumer for warm colours and I am starting to hit pan a little on my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. (Weepy face) So the guilt trip didn’t last long. I work hard and I should indulge on thy self.

I love a good eye shadow palette as I’ve always been into the eyeliners with warm neutral shadows. I’m digressing. lets get to the point.


35O Palette £19.50


I bought the 350 Palette and ‘ooh-ed and ahh-ed’ over the vibrant colours. I did a couple of swatches and found them to be very pigmented. Especially the shimmer shades, which are buttery and are easy to blend. The matte aren’t as pigmented unless you add more colour to it. I found some of them to be a little dry, but easy to work with. I like the lighter shades on the right side of the palette as I shall use them for transition colours to carve out the crease. I’m so glad to have purchased the 350 Palette. I wasn’t really chasing after it but once I saw it online that its available, I thought why not. I’m so pleased I did get it.


35Om Palette £19.50

Furthermore, I went and bagged myself the 350 matte palette too. (Shaking my head) Now I know both of the palettes are similar, yet upon swatching them I found the 35Om palette to be more pigmented and softer than the 35O. Don’t worry I still love the original palette and look forward to creating some colourful looks. I’ve already used the palettes and currently loving it more now as we are coming into the Autumn season.


As you can see from both above pictures the pigmentation from each palette is different. I’m aware and pleased that Morphebrushes always endeavour to make their products more amiable and keep their huge followers happy. As majority of the beauty bloggers and lovers know, it has become very hard to get your hands on these bad boys. But don’t fret I’m sure everyone – if not now, then later – will own one of these. I’ll leave the links at the bottom for you all to go to and browse.

They have three versions;

  • The 35O Palette – Original
  • The 35Os Palette – All shimmer
  • The 35Om Palette – All matte

All three palettes are versatile for all skin types and will compliment any one. There are 35 shades in each one pan palette and will have a lot off options for the shade brown to choose from!


Now, you cannot have only the palettes and not indulge on the Morphebrushes. Since I was on a roll to binge on the Morphe products and couldn’t bother to clean my makeup brushes, (I have since cleaned them, I promise) I ordered;

  • M441 Pro Firm Blending Brush – Comes highly recommended by Jaclyn Hill (Insert heart Emoji) The brush effectively blends the shadow and is great for the smokey look. So far my first impression hasn’t been ‘YAASS’ (I never thought I’d ever use this expression, oh well). It took a while to blend the shadows and diffuse the crease. But eventually after a lot of wiper motion blending – it did the job.  I found myself missing my Kiko Eye 200 Blending brush. I shall preserver with it as I am a creature of habit.
  • M429 Duo Deluxe Crease Brush – I do like this brush, it easily diffuses harsh lines from the shadows and the brush has been improvised with Synthetic Bristles and fuse of Sable hair.

Thus far, I’m really happy with the Morphebrushes palette along with the brushes and I shall continue to endeavour to try out more of their brushes. I do want the M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush. I bought all the products from Beauty Bay, each palette was £19.50 and the brushes were just under £5.00.

What MorpheBrushes product do you have? or wish to get?

Any recommendation on their other tools to apply makeup?


Mumtaz x


Beauty Bay

Cult Beauty









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