My Favourite Beauty Balm: Garnier Skin Natural BB Cream



The Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream came into my life at a point where I was seeking for something less foundation and more of a tint and SPF.  I’ve not been a huge consumer of any foundation range. As I have always been all about the eye makeup. Up until, I was on holiday last September 2015 in Florida  where I wanted something with SPF and not too tacky on the face, like the sun cream. Thus, I purchased this beauty balm and tried it whilst out there. Since then I’ve never looked back.

Since buying this I have tried a range of foundations. Knowing and learning exactly what I like and prefer. The foundation discussion shall be another blog post, for now let me rave about this sunshine!

The Garnier BB Cream boastingly proposes that its a 5 in 1 Cream and in my opinion, it does fall under the ‘No make up-make up look’. Let me explain how it reduces all the steps in our everyday makeup products after makeup products.




The Garnier BB Cream I purchased is in the shade Medium and has been a perfect substitute for a foundation, especially for the warmer days. It has UV protection of SPF 15, very hydrating on the skin and acts as a moisturiser. It definitely blurs any redness. line or imperfections. It evens out your skin tone by using the correct colour. It lasts all day and leaves a healthy glow throughout the day.

So that leaves out, less moisturising (of course if you are like me… DRY, then you’ll obviously have applied a face cream before hand), no need for sun cream on your face, no foundation, no reapplication, no highlighters, no concealers or correctors. BARGAIN!!! However, if you do like all those steps and prefer to add them, it still doesn’t effect the BB Cream. One thing after application you’ll see throughout the day that it does transfer onto your clothes, like any other tinted face product.

It really is a Miracle Skin Perfector. With Vitamin C derivative combined which is known for its anti-oxidant and illuminising setting. The cream does provide a sheer and natural look with its mineral pigments.


I use a generous amount and the application is very smooth, I use my fingers to stipple it on and then use a wet beauty sponge to blend it in to the skin.It has a full coverage and does everything the box suggests.

There are times when I’ve added another product to go with it. The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation has to be my no.1 to blend with the BB cream. It creates a beautiful luminosity when put together!! The results are always pleasing with or without other products combined.

The BB Cream has definitely become a staple in my every day beauty regime. I use it during the winter too, when I’m in a rush or during my working days. I’m currently on my third tube and will most likely continue to purchase it again and again. Its inexpensive and can be bought from any UK drugstores Superdrug or Boots for £9.99. Currently going on offer for £6.65 in Superdrugs!!! And £6.66 in Boots. KaaaaaChinggg!

Its a must have product and a great starter Kit for someones who’s a beginner or beginning to start to use makeup base.


Whats your go to BB Cream and why?

What other BB Creams would you recommend?

Mumtaz x


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