Smashbox – Try It Kit Primer Authority 


I’ve been meaning to try out the  Smashbox products for a while. I have been very intrigued by the primer water and went into a Boots store to purchase a smaller version.  When the lovely lady showed me the Try It Kit Primer Authority. The packaging had me. I loved the design and how true to Smashbox cosmetics aesthetic it was. The products inside were travel sizes – Itty Bitty and SO cute – and contains the superstar primers, based on all the reviews I’ve read so far.

It Includes:

  • Photo Finish Primer Water 30ml


The water primer has to be my favourite product. Upon application, the benefits of the water primer has been HYDRATION and somewhat sheer GLOW. I’ve spritzed it before applying any makeup as it created a lovely base, then with a chosen foundation I stippled it with a beauty sponge , and the result has been a sheen and enriched look. Furthermore, you can spray it throughout the day to refresh your make up.  It’s suitable for all types of skin, as it’s silicone, Oil and alcohol free.

  • Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primer the 4ml


I’m very impressed with this foundation primer. A little bit of it goes along way. The texture is smooth and silken upon application and worn under a foundation has given me a beautiful canvas to build on. The longevity of the product has proven to be true and I can see why it’s popular and got great reviews.

  • Hydrating Under Eye Primer 5ml


This little one is made to address the everyday under the  eye problems. I haven’t seen much difference yet. Maybe because I’m still wowed by the other two and also want a good result from this one. However, I apply it under the eyes before anything else goes on and gradually put on a concealer. It does last long but throughout the day, I do see that my Mascara does transfer under the eye. The primer does give you reduced fine lines and even skin to apply any Concealers.

  • Photo Finish Foundation Primer 15ml


This shadow primer is ACE!!! Once applied on the eye lids it locks within a minute. I also, prefer to add concealer on for base and then blend blend blend my chosen eyeshadow or eyeshadow’s. It’s a brilliant product, it doesn’t crease or smudge and has proven to last all day. Follow the instructions as listed and you’ll be a happy customer.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and its only £22 and states its only a limited edition. I hope not! Its great for first time buyers, new to the Smashbox Cosmetics, getting into makeup or people who like travel sized products.

What are your favourite primers?

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