Travel Diaries|Paris

19th April ’19

So I’m sat on a plane on my way to Paris with my two friends, Sophie and Amy. I’m so excited as I’ve never been to Paris or have any interest in travelling about in Europe. However, that notion has changed since I’ve been to Spain – Twice – and I’ve travelled to the US of A. That’s more where I gravitate towards, but for short trips it’s becoming more ideal to just book a quick city break and go explore. I’ve got this idea or an image of what to expect but then again I am looking forward to the unknown of Paris and figuring it out.

We’re flying with Flybe, and our landing has just been announced. It took us 50 minutes to fly across the channel!! Wowzer! I’ve always flown long haul and now to just to be landing in Paris in under an hour is blowing my mind. Lol. I’m pleased though as the exploring can begin.


As soon as we’ve landed we walked over to the Metro and got our selves tickets to get to Paris from Charle de Gualle Airport. A quick use of the ticket machine which cost us less than €11, we were on our way. They way we were coming across to others would seem that we’ve just returned from a trip abroad as we were very natural and not looking so touristy. I’m a people watcher and observing the side looks from people of France was fascinating as they were actually listening to our animated conversation along with our very prominent British accents.

Hotel Amphere

We’ve booked our stay with Hotel Amphere a four star hotel and very welcoming upon our arrival. We couldn’t check until 2.30 p.m. thus changed in their bathroom and stored our luggage in their lock unit and went exploring – we accidentally walked upto the Arc de Triomphe and looked around but didn’t go up. Too long a que! Once we got back to the hotel around 3 p.m.ish, we soaked our feet in the bathtub and cooled off the soreness. The little goodies from L’occitane was lovely. We cleaned up and got dressed and went to dinner next to the hotel called Manhattan Terrazza – amazing food for a brand new restaurant. Definitely recommend it if your around the area. We stayed in the hotel for three nights and was a luxurious room, the layout could have been better but other than that it was a great place to stay and it gave us easy access to central Paris either by walking or getting the metro.

20th April ’19

Today’s plan consists a day in Paris, a tour of the Eiffel tour and then a cruise at the River Seine. I’m verra verra pleased we booked both trips ahead instead of queuing to obtain the tickets for 2 hours!!! It was long. We used the site;

Seine River Cruises

To book our tours. It definitely was a surreal moment when standing under the Eiffel Tower and then escorted bt the lift up to the second floor. Beautiful beautiful beautiful moment and the views were stunning. Luckily we had the weather to accommodate which was 25 or 26 degrees Celsius. Once we saw what the tower had to offer we descended down using the stairs as the que to the lift was long. It didn’t take us that that long to go down and was fun. It makes you a little dizzy but stay focused and you’ll pass any vertigo or nauseous feeling.

We then stroll to Bateaux Parisiens Seine River Sightseeing Cruise and skipped through the long line using our e-tickets. It was a nice reprieve to sit and enjoy the ride by seeing all the best off Paris city. Not bad for €15 and then sailed back to the dock, we got off and went back near the Eiffel Tower to take some pictures for the gram. Priorities! We then went hunting for H&M for some comfortable flip flops as all our feet were detesting us for all the walks we did. So worth it if I may add but doubt my friend Amy feels the same. She had it the worse! Oops!

We were physically exhausted by the end of the day, so looked to get the metro but unfortunately it was closed due to the protest happening. We then bounced ideas from walking or getting the taxi – taxi won – and what a ride it was the French driver was hilarious calling his locals “Assholes” as they drive chaoticly, lack brain cells and should have brain surgery. Ouch. Its comical really how the French drive. We just marvelled at how so many got away unscathed or crashing onto one another. So yes, fun driver and brilliant conversationalist. Once we got to the hotel we showered and glammed up to go out for food at Hippopotamus – one of many – lovely food and great staff. We laughed at my friend with her strange order “A plain beef burger.” The waiters face was comical and he needed a little help understanding. So our response was “Bun Beef Bun… that’s it.” He repeated it and continued to look astonished! Haha and Sophie did want her Tomato ketchup too and requested it 3 times but to no avail did she get one. She wasn’t allowed.. lol!

21st April ’19

We’re going to Disneyland Paris today!!!! To see the Marvels!! Wohoo. We also booked this in advance and I can’t find the link to it! Sowwy! Also had a coach booked with it to get us there first thing in the morning. The temperature is between 12 to 16 degrees Celsius at 8.15 a.m. and we are wearing denim shorts with t-shirts and my friends vest tops. As you can imagine its COLD!! But predicted to get very hot later. The side eyes we were getting from the people was actually funny and when you look them in the eye for noticing they do a quick glance away lol. Some of the passengers were in winter clothing and we looked crazy Haha. I let you decide. We did purchase some Disney clothing for warmth and memories. I love the pastel colour Minnie jumper I got.

Once we got there we explored the grounds and I went on a adrenaline pumping ride on the space mountain or something similar. I’m not a ride junky but that was fun and I was breathing the whole time and not passing out or anything. Proud of my accomplishment. We didn’t see the Marvels as it’s at the Walt Disney Studios (bashing my head on a wall) when I saw Sophie ask one off the Staff I just saw her crestfallen expression and knew we weren’t going to be seeing what we came here to see. The staff named William was abundant of sad information for us lol but we ended up having a lovely chat with him. We met some characters and qued to see the princesses for 75 minutes!! And there was only the one! Why it took 75 minutes and only one to see is beyond me. We met the lovely Aurora and had a good natter.

We didn’t stick around to see the fireworks but decided to hop back on the coach instead of getting the metro and headed back to the hotel. It was good day at Disneyland but one think is for sure it isn’t Disney world in Orlando. That’s the best place in the world. Paris one is good and I’d definitely come back again.

1st April ’19

It’s our last day in the wonderful Paris and I’m sad to be going home. I feel a live when I’m travelling and living my best moments. It has been a great trip and I look forward to coming back. So today we are of to see the Musee du Louvre and Notre-Dame as the cathedral won’t be open due to the devastating fire. But will be nice to just walk around and see it. Then we are back to the airport and heading home. Luckily, we set of early as the was a delay towards the airport but we got the in good time and missed the chaos ensuing which was in all French. A passenger translated for us.

I hope you enjoyed my travel diaries edition and please check out my Paris vlog I’ve done over on my YouTube channel The Mumtaz Edit.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Have a great Sunday.

Mumtaz x

How to style 5 Spring Outfits | Spring Lookbook | The Mumtaz Edit

Hello everyone,

How are you my friends?

I’ve been shopping clothes here and there since the start of January and can honestly say I have been a very good girl in being more sustainable and using the clothes from my own wardrobe and restyling pieces in a different format. Furthermore, thank you to my gorgeous friend Saira for the blazers that really inspired me to bring together two of the looks. I’m looking forward to revamping my current wardrobe and seeing what I can do with it. It’s good for my soul and the environment!

Definitely check out Fred’s in Chorlton or Urmston – the gentleman I spoke to was so lovely and they have very good collection of trendy and most in style clothing in store. I absolutely love both of my skirts I got from there.

Additionally, Zara has been a great source of inspiration from their online collection and I’m loving the diversity of the models and looks. The store itself could use a little more organisation and the items made more obtainable. Going round in circle was good to get the steps in but definitely left me and my friend disappointed by not finding the clothes I was looking for.

My favourite season is Spring and Summer. More Spring has I love all the different colours that are beginning to bloom. I love Daffodils and the pink blossoms to Tulips or Sunflowers. So the weather definitely has a huge part in influencing my mood and style. Bye bye Winter bye bye!

What’s your go to or style your currently loving or portraying? Show me by tagging me to you favourites and please have a look at my new Spring lookbook over at my YouTube channel.

I’m obsessed with styling my Converse’s as I’m more into the comfort and chic look, instead of all high heeled out. Trotting about in heels is not my kind of thing – importance is comfort and able walk.

Link to the video

Thank you and have a great weekend

Mumtaz x

What I’m wearing –

Old Skool Vans –

All star Highrise Converse –

All star Converse –

Fred’s Instagram –

Daisystreet Chunky cardigan – (alternative)

FRIENDS T-Shirt from Warner Bros Studio – (alternative) Newlook t-shirt

Noisy May White T-shirt –

Zara Printed Tunic with Embroidery –

Stradivarius Stripped fitted sweater –

Red and Blue Zara Blazers are Gifted by my friend.

Thank you for watching and please subscribe.

See you all soon



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Christmas for a Muslim

At the beginning of December as I was already in the festive mood. Without fail every year, I’ve had the disapproving comments and prejudice opinions forced upon me. What a bunch of grinch! “Your Muslim it’s haram. It’s not very religious of you to celebrate Christmas. What are you Christian now? We don’t say merry! It’s in vain!” Blah di blah blah blah!!! My response always is? “What now? Oh what a prejudice opinion and your negative impact is bordering on discrimination.” Honestly, I swear these people just say these things just to make you feel bad and they feel empowered by passing on the knowledge of ignorance. I’m quite of an argumentative person when I feel certain bah-hamburg need to be wizened up. Thus, I start with a litany of my experiences of why I celebrate Christmas so joyfully and educate them of humanity by accepting everyone for how they are and what they believe. Don’t be judgemental – works great too.

As a Bengali and a Muslim I find the holiday season of Christmas… exhilarating! Furthermore, I believe that all religion especially Islam is accepting of other traditions, culture and values. But certain people are ready to always tarnish the image of celebration or create a negative effect by injecting unwarranted verbal attacks.

To me I’m not dictated or influenced by the religion or tradition of the festivities. As much as my believes are my own I have never implemented them onto anyone. Therefore, my enthusiasm is a product of the environment I’ve been raised at and surrounded by the multicultural society. Growing up, christmas was and still continues to be my favourite holiday. The people gathering, joys of merriment, buying and gifting loved ones is fulfilling, the festive songs simply puts you in the best of moods. Why wouldn’t I want to be in the happy spirit of all the positive vibe of all my loved ones and the people that celebrate it.

Growing up I was surrounded by teachers who nurtured my love for Christmas as I watched them get excited to craft up handmade activities, singing carols at shows and assemblies, parties with the school, dancing and games where just a way of counting down the days till we break up for the Christmas holiday. It was fantastic, I took away my teachers festive and creative’s spirit. Which is now evident more so now then ever when I’m working in the early years. Teaching the children what I learnt growing up is the most joyful and triumphant feeling. Oh and my love for paper chain is to another level… to a point where one or two of my colleagues will be like “OH NO, PAPERCHAINS!?”

Oh and let’s not forget the Christmas Tree. How I love the smell off a natures creation. Albeit, I don’t mind the artificial or the real one. This year I got my first Christmas tree at home as I always decorate the room with candles and fairy lights to build up the ambiance. I bought the multi coloured changing fibre light tree… I couldn’t be more happier. My little humans at work loved it and now it’s perched in my house with all the thoughful gifts my friends and family gave me.

And let’s not forget when we were young and on holiday we visited or had relatives visit us during the holidays. We watched one Christmas movie after another, had feasts up on feasts and have been very joyful.

Soooooo, as you can read it’s all environmental and infused by families off the same yet different cultural background.

This year as every year, I prioritised to do festive activities by going ice skating with my friends, visiting the christmas markets, having various food, christmas tree shopping and help decorating my friends by dancing around the christmas tree. Not only that – I have started my own YouTube channel and documented Vlogmas. Check it out, my channel is called The Mumtaz Edit.


Christmas is a very important holiday in my life and spending it with my family and friends is just as imperative – Tis the season y’all.

So please be mindful how you approach other cultures of different believes and don’t judge them. Listen and understand why they do what they do. Don’t criticise or enforce opinions based without reasons.

For some Christmas doesn’t entail religious beliefs but gathering together as family and friends. By being in the most of love, care and sharing those emotions of feeling alive.

Let someone be happy and enjoy life. My plan for tomorrow is to cook a meal with my dad and enjoy it with the family.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and remember spread kindness. As positive changes begin with you first.



Bask in the simple pleasures and live for those moments

Happy 2018 everyone – half way into the new years and here I am hoping majority of you all have recovered from the winter flu or the festiveholiday-newyearnewme spirit and back to here we go again.

Don’t get me wrong I love a new fresh start and all the jazz that goes with it. However, I’m currently still in recovery from my winter flu I’ve had over the holidays to now contracted with a sinus infection along with vertigo. JOYS (clapping hands) Anyone suffer from vertigo leave a comment below about your experience as mine scares me and then frustrates me beyond reasons! I’m sure it doesn’t help to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy from season 1 either. But hey ho I do love that show.

As I’m now on sick leave and signed of by the Doctor who has emphasised to rest and recover most passionately. Thanks Doc for being a super star and representing the NHS so well.

All I can now feel is relieve and seek for that moment when I was last so happy and content. Hence, why I’m sharing my Holiday photos from last August. I was at the beach in Fuengirola and in the ocean declaring to my friend Amy most emphatically “I am happy. This is what I wanted. The beach, Sea, Sun you and Donna.” That break was much needed and welcomed. I adventured out to how I wanted to explore by being brave and doing things on my own. Not that I don’t do all those things at home – but in a foreign place and language – is a game changer. As scared as I was I still did it. I walked along the beach and town for 10 miles to Benalmedena and then back to Fuengirola. Another day I hoped into a bus to Marbella again on my own and explored the place at my own leisure. I was so proud of myself and so HAPPY to have been able to do that and not get lost. To have those moments for myself it was just AH-MAZING. I had a brilliant time with my girls too and lounged about and enjoyed the local bar we frequented in the evening. The people were graceful and made me feel like one of them. I liked how it wasn’t so focused on tourists but the daily life of the local community. Everyone thought I was Spanish but when I opened my mouth it was verra verra British. It was good times and I look forward to going there again and creating more opportunities like this wonderful experience.

That feeling was so euphoric and I want to feel like that again. Not by going back to Costa Del Sol but to find the sense of happiness where I am currently in my everyday life. Oh I want the sunshine so bad but all in good time I guess with the seasons. Anyway, happiness! What is happiness for you and where do you seek it from?

I’ve not made any resolution for the new year. I don’t tend to do that. I remember being in school we use to have goals to set or aim for. I might make a list if things I want to achieve for myself and take from there or just wing it. New year new me doesn’t cut it out for me. I’m still the same coming into 2018 – less healthier and very low immune system – as I was at the end of 2017.

On a positive note – I can definetly see I need to make changes in my lifestyle and stress less. How not to stress and what triggers it, is one thing I need to identify. Has far as I’m concerned I didn’t think I was stressing. But thy body is screaming out STOP!

This isn’t a moany blog but a reflection of what I’m feeling and attempting to listen and understand myself. To be better and not just bask in few moments here and there but to live it everyday.

Let me know what you guys do to rejuvenate and stress less. Any recommendations? How are you all getting on with 2018 so far?



The July Edit


Well hello there everyone,

It’s been a while and I would love to say yes I have been living the life I’ve been envisioning from my last post. However, it’s not been bad at all. I’ve been better and have mildly been plagued with some ailment!! But nonetheless I have been enjoying myself, as summer hasn’t been a bad start at all and I’ve been shopping a lot and I do mean A LOT!!! EEK!!!  Retail Therapy has been much required.

I’m currently getting ready for my upcoming holiday to Costa De Sol somewhere that begins with the letter F… Now don’t expect me to say it or write it as I feel like every time I say it I’m butchering it. (Sowy)


What you guys up to? Doing anything exciting for summer?

I’ve been looking after my self and indulging in many wonderful self treats. I got to say my favourite purchase has been collecting the QUAY Australia x Desi Perkin sunglasses. I do love me some larger than life sunglasses. I’ll do a review post on the pairs that I have got. For now lets just gush about it. WOWZER!!


Also, I’ve been doing some ASOS Haul and finding new brands to add to my current style evolution, saving the favouriteS is getting longer. I’ve been obsessed with my Dorothy Perkins Corey Slim Boyfriend Jeans!!! OH MY do I Lurrrve it. They are so comfortable and just sits perfectly. I’ve always had some issues with denim jeans sitting right on my bottom half, alas these one fit like a glove. It doesn’t help though when I’m losing weight and work out 7 days a week that I have to get a smaller size but the 10 is my go to, by any means I’m not complaining. I’ve been pairing them with T-shits (My Marvel Captain America top is my favourite to piece together), Noisy May brand white top (The Brand is my new find on ASOS), various over sized shirts with stripes, plain tank tops etc.  Overall it’s such a comfortable Jeans that I own and I cannot get enough of it. Restock is in order. I would love to add other shades to the collection. Hunting continues.

Its been some wonderful weeks to date, I’ve been to a beach – one beach trip isn’t enough – and I’ve had some strenuous ones too as the fatigue has been kicking my back posterior a lot! The holiday is most welcome and I am so so looking forward to some down time with my girls. They’ll probably have to sit on me to relax as I have a problem physically stopping and not fidgeting. What are friends for hey?


Additionally, the feedback from work via the clients has been tremendous and positive. I want to bawl my eyes out every time they say how much I have done and being appreciated for the work I’ve put in. There has been some bumps but these have been overridden by the success I’ve achieved with my clients. Up and on wards I go.

Well, that just surmised on things I’ve been doing and I’m hoping to write more blogs once I’m back. I miss it terribly. Have a wonderful day and weeks to come.

Let me know is there anything you’d like me to write about or share with y’all.

Ice Blue Corey Boyfriend Jeans

*Black and White Stripe blouse

*Blue and White Strip shirt (Men shirt)

*Printed Top

*Trench Coat

*Dorsey Flat

Quay Australia High Key Black Fade Sunglasses



Mumtaz x



Lifestyle: Ready for Spring and to get myself a life.


Well I’ve been ready for Spring since late January. Waiting for the daffodils to bloom…. and Hello Spring!!! It is my favourite season with all the blossoms blooming, sun shining and the cold to abate.

It has been a along while since I last posted. However, I’m in a huge battle with myself to balance work and having a life. To a point I’m seriously, seriously frustrated at myself for putting everything on hold again and just diving back into work. On top of it all I’ve been so run down which resulted into my first ever tonsillitis. Horrible affliction. It took me two weeks to recover with lots and lots of antibiotics. Furthermore, having time off work to recover and binge watching Charmed. Who remembers Charmed and the power of three?

Whilst recovering, it gave me the chance to reflect and see that I’m back to pushing myself at work and what I really want is to have a life. Here I am writing this, waiting to see my Endometriosis specialist for a follow up at the hospital and all I’m doing is chastising myself “Woman… you need a bloody life!”


Yes I have a wonderful friends and I’m doing my best to do activities out of my comfort zone. But not being healthy from all these viral infection is just such a bummer! (Big sigh) I am determined however to get that life and pursue things I’ve not done before. I’m happy and getting healthier. Getting back to my fitness and shape has been my goal so far and I’ve managed to achieve and get result. Yaaay me!!!

Now that I’ve seen my specialist I can officially say that I’ve been discharged from the hospital and my Endo pain has been eliminated. The surgery was a success. I still get some minor pain but its manageable. So the aim is to live a full existence. I’m happy and content but I want to experience and do something new.



Now the question is what I’m I going to do?

I guess we shall see and in the mean time if you have any recommendation on fun stuffs to do, go see and experience – comment down below.

Outfit Details

 *Grey Blazer

 *Side Split Midi Dress

Ankle Skinny Jeans

Converse Navy & white All Star Oxford Trainers







Food: Cutter and Squidge


Let’s get freakshake!!!!

If you don’t know what I mean then darling carry on reading. It’s the mashup of all thing sweet dessert. In a jar and gloriously monstrous. You have cookies, cheesecake and doughnuts as decorative pieces put together for the lovers of everything sweet.

I just got to the west of London and my cousin asked me if I have heard about this larger than life milkshake? My response “Of course, you mean the freakshake?”

Then we hopped on to the bus and went to Soho, London to Cutter and Squidge. I was in an instant awwww. The store is so attractive and aesthetically pleasing with baked goods, pastry and larger than life – a moment on the lip, forever on the hip – kind of cakes!!! But so worth it.


The staff of Cutter and Squidge are wonderful and oh so friendly. Ready to help with a suggestion if you’re unsure off. The menu has an iconic selection and caters to all the sweet and savoury eaters. Cutter & Squidge also serve Afternoon tea. Check out their website for more details. I went for the Caramel Freakshake and it a was so big!! Thus, it was shared between my cousin and I. The texture of different kind of treat was tasteful – as in dunk your biscuit in your tea, kind of thing – The milkshake inc-operated with the cookies, waffles and creams was deeeeeelightful! When I spoke to the staff about what ingredients are used, they were happy to inform me that the products used to create these delicacies are natural WITH NO  artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. Their ethos is evident in their food and I cannot tell you the taste is divine.

The atmosphere within the store was unique and very very pleasant. You can eat in or use the take away service. I look forward to coming back again when I’m back in London with another relative of mine who’s a hardcore sweet treat binge-rrr!





Fashion: Cold London weather….Brrrrr


COLD! London verra verra Collldddd! Being a northerner and travelling to London has always been a warmer climate. But last two weekends ago and the last couple of days has been so cold. I’ve never had that before. Manchester was cold but the degree’s was at least more or less between 5-9. It was amazing to be in the midst of our capital city and seeing the fog rolling in through the River Thames and the highest buildings. My outfit from day to day consisted of layers. Lots and lots of layers. Despite the cold it didn’t deter me to have some Krushem from KFC!

Each of these days consisted of similar trend. It was comfortable and convenient to travel light. Also, my main focus for putting my clothing together was to style around the printed plimsoll and the scarf. I went for a big baggy fine knitted jumpers with a pull up basic top to go with it and a comfortable mid/low rise skinny jeans. I absolutely loved the combination as it kept me warm and I felt trendy. The wholly hat was a blessing. It’s from New Look and they only had that one left so I bagged it.

Since it worked very well for me so here I am sharing it with you all. At one point or the other I got so cold I put on my  socks to keep my feet warm and it did camouflage well into my wardrobe. Or did it?? I think staying warm over rode on being more fashionable. Furthermore a great reason to go shopping at Westfield. I’ve never been there before, So the novelty was present and I really wanted to browse around the shops.

I bought a lot of goodies… yes I was in my element along with my cousin. The pair of us along with a full on cold – trotted into Westfield and we did some damage. Boy did we shop! Oops!!!

I’ve linked some of the items and similar ones below. Happy shopping.



New Look Pom Pom Beanie

Animal print scarf

River Island Military Coat – Alternative New Look Military Coat 

H&M Short Polo-Neck and Fine knit Jumper

Newlook India mid rise skinny jeans

River Island print plimsolls 






Lifestyle: Be our Guest… Wedding


Well well well. It has been a while since I last posted. What can I say!!! I have been super busy and getting back in track with work and trying to find a balance of having a life. It has been exhausting. To say the least. However, I’ve been looking forward to taking a week off work and travelling to London for my baby cousin’s wedding. Who no longer is a baby!!! It boggles my mind that he’s now a married man!! Congratulations to both the Bride and the Groom on their nuptials and here’s to a future filled with happiness and blessing.

The run up to the wedding was amazing, as it was an evening event. So it gave us ladies a lot of time to get ready. I was ready by the afternoon, but due to unforeseen reason I had a sneezing fest and a full on cold, with a streaming nose!!! NICE!  Just what I wanted. NOT. I still managed to enjoy myself and socialized with the guests and feel good about myself. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVEDDDD my Indian dress. The amount of compliments I received for it was a boost and the makeup to go with it too was a hit. So a little retouch went along the way and a set up make up station to apply for my lovely cousins. I must say the make up I did on them came out goooood. Sorry I cannot share it as my cousin requested that I do not post it on any social media platform.


Lets start with thy make up;


1. I primed my eyes using a Concealer from Seventeen. Then set it with Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana powder.

2. I used Morphebrushes 350 Palette a lighter brown or nude shade as a transition colours for the crease. Then applied the shimmer brown of the palette. Using the a blending brush  diffused any lines and blended both shades to look more fused.

3. I used the Maybelline Lasting Drama 24 hour Black Chrome 07 for a small winged effect.

4. I added false lashes and waited for the adhesive to dry. Then I used the  L’Oréal Volume Million So Couture So Black Mascara.


1. I primed my face using Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, then for foundation I used Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 5.5 and applied it with a beauty blender.

2. I used the Clinique Beyond Perfecting™ Foundation and Concealer to highlight under my eyes then again set it with Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana powder.

3. For Contour I used the Gwen Stefani Blush palette in the shade LO-FI to contour out my cheek bones. then for blush I used OC

4. For Highlight I used my trusty Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop on the tip of my nose and cupids bow.


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow Powder Ebony and then the Benefits Gimme brow gel to set them into place.


1. I put on my favourite Red lipstick by L’oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick Scarlett Creme 461 (Read: The Winter Lipstick Edit on all my favourite reds!!)

Voila!! make up done. For a little extra umph I added Superdrug Lashes Intense Volume Edition 30. These are my favourite lashes at the moment and so so comfortable. The glue with it is too good.


My Outfit

For my outfit I wanted something that was simple and elegant. I looked at different Indian websites but it wasn’t as appealing as actually shopping for it in person. So, my mother and I both went shopping one Friday evening to Masuma Fashion. We selected a number of Sari’s and I got the dress I absolutely fell in love with. The Gentleman was very helpful and chatty as always. I’ve known the owner for a long time as we went to school with some of his children. Trust me, you get a very good quality outfits to suit any occasions. He has a collection of unique taste and rare pieces which I like. The Owner travels to India and selects the clothing, knowing what his audience and customers will appreciate. I was extremely pleased with mine.

The fabric is soft and very comfortable. It molded beautifully onto my body and was a perfect fit. The sleeves came separately and I had it sewn in by a tailor to fit my arms. I kept the sleeves up to my wrist, the fabric is sheer with cuffs around it. Along with the Dress came the skinny trousers we like to call ‘Churidar’ also with detail cuffs and a ‘Duppatta’ aka long scarf. The detail on the bodice had a diamond and intricate sequences staged in a V shape. It was a modest outfit and perfect for an Bengali wedding. I paired it with my Dunes nude/blush heeled sandals.



The venue was Ariana Banqueting Hall in North London Business Park with the seating capacity of 800. I’m unsure how many guests we had as a lot of them were a no show. Being a evening event and school or work the next morning. However, the Venue at first experience was a maze to get to with all that fog and going round the round about. Once we were there, it was beautifully decorated and catered to the specific of their clientele. Men on one side and the ladies on one side. Then once the Groom and Bride joined each other, all the guest then came together. The food was good, very rushed. We were all served Starter, Main and Pudding so close together that we practically inhaled our food. I managed to eat the starter which had Samosas, Kebabs and Chops with salad. It was delicious. For main I only had Pilau rice and Saag Aloo. Lastly, for pudding it was just Kheer which was very appetizing. If served properly I’m sure the food would have gone down very nicely. It was just too hasty and in the midst of socialising with the guest the venue started to clear up and pack away their table and chairs. The staging for the Couple was stunning, it was very Kim and Kanye West-esque decor. However, it was done in great taste and the Groom and the Bride looked amazing together.

Once the wedding was over we all said our goodbyes, I met so many lovely and beautiful people. It was a pleasure and the good, kind and complimentary words said to me were confidence boosting. I was surely networking or being networked!! haha

Hope you enjoy reading the blog and the pictures.

Take care loves.


Mumtaz xx

Lifestyle: Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year everyone!!!! Wow!!! What a year 2016 has been. Its great to have a new start to the year and look forward to planning and doing something different and positive. A week into the new year and I feel like a lot has happened in the last few days. I’m back at work full time…. yes crazy! How has the last few months gone so fast???
Hope you’ve all had a great time during the holidays. What did you all get up to?

As I’ve written on the last blog post, I didn’t do much for Christmas, I’ve been implementing a little bit of the Hygge lifestyle. A Danish way to live life in simple pleasure. It was so lovely to be off and have family members at home to just be and celebrate together.

For the New Years I had plans with my friend Amy. Who came back from her break away with her family. We spent the New years eve together, literally wake up and make up was my kinda day! We got dressed and went out for a meal. I’m not one to make resolution each year but set goals that I know I can realistically achieve and make it a lifestyle habit.

This year I really want to break out of my comfort zone and explore new places, food, focus more on my hobbies and have more of a social lifestyle instead of just being a career woman. I want to be at home and spend time with my family. Last year and a half, since my diagnosis with Endometriosis has been a realization to do more things that fill the soul and enjoying myself with adventures. I have managed to do a lot of activities in the mean time and in all honesty this past two years has been the best. Despite all the pain, agony and surgical procedures.


So to begin the year I went out for food at Olive and Thyme for the first time. OMG!!  The food was AMAZING. Its a Mediterranean cafe, bar and restaurant in the midst of Chorlton. its very family friendly, caters to groups of friends or confident diners who like to eat on their own. The place is aesthetically beautiful with lots of light coming through the ceiling to the floor windows, looking out to the out door seated area, all heated. The wood burning stove adds a great deal of ambiance. The staff provided a great service and whilst Amy and I waited for food they served us Lavash bread with garlic butter, complimentary of course. The Menu is magnificent and caters to Gluten free and has a lot of Vegetarian options. They have an assorted selection of beverages and free use of their WiFi.


After out scrumptious meal at the Olive and Thyme, we headed out to Manchester town to Cottonopolis for drinks and to bring in the new year. I’ve been to Cottonopolis once before and I really liked it. So I wanted to take Amy and share the atmosphere. It’s right in Northern Quarter, with a trendy ambiance of a high ceiling, exposed beams and brick works with fireplaces, long tables with thick chains hooked on to it. The staff are spirited and spunky, serving everyone with a smile and having a good banter. Which is so great and creates a wonderful environment to hang out in. The menu is based on Oriental cuisine with a twist of the west along with a great selection off drinks to choose from. Its a splendid place and instead of fine dining its great to just go and have an informal and fun meal.

We counted down to the new year, albeit out of sync with the time again! One day we’ll get the count down to midnight right. Lot of laugh!! Here’s hoping to a great year with lots to do and achieve.

How was your first week in to the New year?

Did you make any resolutions you’d like to keep and accomplish?

I would love to read what you all got up to and what can you recommend that I can do.



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Merry Christmas Everyone

I cannot believe it’s already here!!!! How??!! When??!! While I collect myself… I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas break and enjoying your time with your loved ones. I’m so excited now that I feel more like human. I’ve been poorly with a Winter bug! It was my first week back at work and only four days in I was contracted with the virus circulating the work space! YUCK!!! Anyway, I’m more excited to see my close people open their presents. I love seeing their reaction. (Big grin) So far good result. I also received my wonderful presents and I loveeeeeed them. I’ll do a what I got for Christmas on another post.

This December has flown by. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the Vlogmas’s from all my favourite YouTube personalities. What a way to count down to Christmas. Furthermore, I’m so so happy for all the movies listed to watch during the holidays and the classic ones too. What are your most watch film’s?

Everyone is ‘Driving home for Christmas’ to be with the beloved ones. Where is your destination? I live with my family and as we get the time off for the holidays its brilliant to sit together, eat together, argue with one another, sleep late and watch movies etc etc. Oh the childhood memories!!

The best part of course is the food. Yum yum!!! But, as I’m still recovering I can’t think of it just yet. My parents are both very good cook and most likely cook up something special for the lot of us. Let me know what you’re all cooking for this festive day and what is your favourite dish?

I hope you’re all having a great prosperous Christmas and enjoy being with your loved ones.

My Makeup

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and Brow Powder Duo

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G So Marilyn

MorpheBrushes 350 Palette

Superdrug Natural Lashes

My Outfit

H & M Boat Neck Stripped Top

H & M Black Leggings

Merry Christmas xx

Mumtaz x

Glam up.. its party time!!


Well its time to glam up for the party seasons and to be selecting what ensembles you’ll be wearing. What outfits are you thinking about this year? Fancy? Casual? or full on festive? This year I won’t be attending the Christmas do. But doesn’t mean I cannot glam up and have a merry time with my closest humans. So I thought I’ll do a throw back to the events of the ones I’ve attended. Some have been good and others spectacular. I must say my favourites have been the fancy parties.

I thoroughly enjoy the build up to the evening, getting dolled up, the makeup, the out fit etc. The whole process is one crazy yet joyous occasion. The whirlwind of the two most prominent events are Christmas parties and the New years party which demand ones best style. Whether your plans are to shake it all about, staying in and hosting an intimate affair or going to a works do, its always ideal to and fun to deck yourselves out for the celebratory period.

So ladies, the inevitable question we always tend to ask ‘What should I wear?’ Well, the key I mainly focus on is to feel comfortable in what I choose to wear. Yet aim to be glamorous, stylish and va va voom!!! Find a statement outfit you like or whats trending. But look for the outfit that suits your body and enhances you and compliments you. Add festive details like jewellery, heels or flat, along with a cute handbag.

My style has always been a statement dress, smokey eye makeup and simple accessories. I’m not too keen on heavy jewellery, a pair or earrings, bangles or a watch along with a lovely ring normally goes A LONG WAY. Furthermore, I put on a hydrating tinted lip balm. Last year we had a fancy party a 70’s theme and I wore a red lip and fell in love with wearing a colour on the lip again. As long as it’s a matte formula – I’m good to go.


Wear what resembles your taste and fashion style, remember you want to look sexy and chic so keep it elegant and go boogie the night away. Hope you all have a merry time and celebrate in style. Remember to keep warm and you have a safe journey back home.

Here are some of the outfits similar to the ones I’ve worn and I found online and in stores. The dresses I have are few years old but these outfits are always on trend. I’ve linked them down below in order of the pictures.


Green Lace Skater Dress

Kimono Dress is from Dorothy Perkins now in Silver/Black

Sequences T-shirt Dress was From MangoASOS, Boohoo, H&M and Missguided have these online available.

Red Ripple Midi Dress was from AX Paris and it’s available in a shorter version. However, I’ve found the exact replica here on Lipsy .

Purple Cowl Neck Dress is from Dorothy Perkins. I found similar dresses from AX Paris and House of Fraser.